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How to find cheap flights to Greece

Tips for  cheap flights to Greece and how to avoid expensive flights Athens  Eleftherios Venizelos airport is one of the most expensive airports in Europe. So first think is try to avoid flying directly to this airport. If you want to fly cheap consider searching flights to the airports listed below. Low fare airlines also prefer these airports. Take a look and don't hesitate to comment with further questio ...

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Greek Land Traveller begins his journey….

Somewhere around here the Greek Land Traveller begins the journey... A small back-pack with the necessary items, a camera and a notebook to capture the experiences. It’s beautiful to be able to travel and learn the places through the stories and the experiences of the people that live there. This way you learn the secrets of an area and you feel as if you too become a part of it. As for us, we are a group o ...

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Kalymnos, the island of the sponge divers

If you visit the island of Kalymnos and you don’t get to meet a sponge diver or a player of the kalymnian bagpipe (tsambouna) it will be as if you only saw the island through cards-postal – although they could be amazing, like those of Nikolas Smalios. On our last of stay on Kalymnos, we took the road for the village of Vathys. Several of us had heard about the beauty of this port village that looks like a ...

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Kalymnos’ in the chase of the high rocks and the deep sea

Kalymnos 2012 It was five in the morning when the boat, which had been travelling for hours in the sea of the Dodecanese islands, arrived at the port of Kos. An hour ago we had passed by our final destination. “To Kalymnos? You must go to Mastichari and take the morning boat that will take you across. That one can take motorbikes in”. We loaded our equipment and we managed to climb on the motorbikes ourselv ...

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The art of the traditional costumes of Metsovo

You will be reading often from articles about Epirus, as it is one of our bases in Northern Greece. This time, the occasion of our first reference here to this part of the country was our recent short visit to the village of Anilio (Sunless), in the municipality of Metsovo. Although short, our visit was long enough to provide us with more knowledge about the diverse beauty of this pla ...

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The traditional pies of Epirus

An essential part of the local cultural heritage, the pies are always present during the most important moments of the family in Epirus. They can be made in various ways and with diverse components: greens-pie, meat-pie, macaroni-pie and courgette-pie are just some of the countless versions one can come across in the households of Epirus. While touring the beautiful group of villages of Epirus with the name ...

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