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Greek Land Traveller begins his journey….

Somewhere around here the Greek Land Traveller begins the journey…

travellerA small back-pack with the necessary items, a camera and a notebook to capture the experiences. It’s beautiful to be able to travel and learn the places through the stories and the experiences of the people that live there. This way you learn the secrets of an area and you feel as if you too become a part of it.

As for us, we are a group of people with a common interest in travelling and a lot of eagerness to show the unknown beauties of Greece through this website. Mountains, seas, adventures, activities, festival, we will go everywhere! (Or at least we will try!) We open a direct communication channel with all of you who are now reading us and we are hopeful you will share your opinion both for our articles as well as for your suggestions!

Hopefully, soon Greek land traveller will present articles that will be offering the chance of participation for all of you. Among other ideas, we will set up photo-contests and travelling writing and more ideas are to follow!  If you wish to be informed about what is new in our website, you can subscribe via email for a newsletter that will be sent out to the readers twice a month. You can also follow us on FacebookGooglePlus, Twitter We intend to update the website on monthly basis for the moment

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